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Still life composition

For our last meeting of this block we will be looking at composition, and if you type in "Still life composition" into the search box you will find other similar posts with more images.

Bring in some apples and a bowl or teacloth of some kind, as well as your canvas rectangle (I have one for you if you were absent last Wednesday). it would be useful to clip your piece of canvas to a board so that it can be transported easily and so that you can continue your painting over the holidays, if you get the chance.

Although we have been focused on the foreground and background of our paintings, we have not given much thought to the overall impact that the composition of a painting has on the viewer.

In this painting Emile Bernard is as concerned about the overall effect of the arrangement of shapes as much as painting the individual objects.

For our lesson on Wednesday it may be necessary to pair up so that we can create an interesting composition and try out doing a "thumbnail sketch" to see if it might work as a painting (there will be other posts where I've discussed the term).

The focus on composition can lead us towards looking for pattern and design, like in this Cezanne painting and worry less about the modelling of individual elements within the painting such as the apples.

Please don't forget your evaluation sheet please, it really helps me with my course planning.

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