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The principles of drawing
Form and volume in watercolour

Watercolour landscape painting workshop

This workshop will give you the confidence and practice to turn an idea for a landscape painting into something that works on paper.  To do this we will look at the technical aspects of watercolour that make it suitable for sketching and we will practice ways to work with and not against its inherent properties.

You will be set tasks that explore the mechanisms of painting that give the impression of depth, distance and mood as well as flesh out the concepts of “painting with light” and working with a reduced palette.

By looking at the paintings of the masters we can pick out the essence of what makes them great and then try to apply those concepts to our own paintings.

Please bring in any images of landscape/cityscapes you would like to work from so that we can uncover what would make them interesting subjects to paint.

By the end of the workshop I hope you will have the confidence and tools to use watercolour sketching to tackle new subject matter and convey something of the impression that attracted you to it.

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