Courses at Warwick Hall Studios




I’ve been working as painter in Cardiff since 2015 and have had exhibitions in London, Birmingham, Newport and Cardiff in that time as well as giving many courses and workshops at the Cardiff Open Art School. 

Teaching painting and being an artist have always gone hand in hand for me. I’m constantly researching old and new masters and the techniques they have developed so that I can keep my own painting moving forward.  The practice of teaching art ensures that I’m constantly testing out and refining my theories according to the feedback I get.  Knowledge of artistic techniques and theory then need to link to the personal experience of making art so that they become tools for expression.  My experience then of running courses and workshops is an invigorating process that helps us all .

I’ve chosen to break up my courses into 4 week chunks so they can have a clearly defined focus and so that the learner can commit to them in manageable units.  As you can see from the course schedule the 4 week units do follow a logical progression throughout the year so that students can choose to follow the sequence or dip in and out.

Every session will have practical tasks that ground drawing and painting theories.  We will get our inspiration by looking at great old and new master works where these will be exemplified. Our research will be based around figurative drawing and painting studies that will allow you do develop your own style and creativity on a solid art historical foundation.

For each unit I have written down the key content we will cover and the materials needed.  You will also need a sketch book, charcoal and rubber for all the courses to make sketches, warm up drawings as well as to chart your progress.  Click here to go to the                                               page.  Loose sheets of paper will be available to buy at cost price.  If you wish to leave work at the studio to build up your portfolio you need to bring a transparent plastic A2 size project folder to keep it in.


Unit 1   The Principles of Drawing

Equipment:  Cartridge paper sketch book, stick charcoal, rubber or putty rubber, white chalk

Content:  Outline drawing, positive/negative image, foreground and background, value and contrast

Learn key observational techniques and concepts that form the basis for all your progress in future drawing and painting. 



Unit 2 Form and volume in watercolour

Equipment: Sketch book, 300 gsm. A4 watercolour pad, number 12 round watercolour brush,  watercolour palette, cotton rags and watercolour (ultramarine blue, carmine red, lemon yellow, payne’s grey and burnt umber)

Content:  Washes, wet in wet, dry-brush, basic colour theory,  light and shade, geometric shapes

An introduction to still life painting where we will see how light models form and watercolour helps us to simplify shapes and give them solidity in space.

More units to follow after Christmas