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“Seb’s painting classes were fun and informative. Seb works hard to help all students to achieve their individual goals. His lessons helped me understand how to use colour and editing of ideas to make a painting ‘work’. Seb also gave advice to each student on how to get the best out of their materials. I learned a lot and above all the lessons were fun! Thanks Seb”
“I learnt so much , particularly other ways of seeing, the spaces between and ways of using paint. The history and paintings of artists across the centuries at the beginning of each session and how they applied paint. You were a kind, attentive, encouraging, inspiring and supportive tutor. Group feedback was non-judgemental and I learnt much from other participants.”
“He is totally immersed in painting and takes his work and his teaching seriously.
Each session started with an inspiring exploration of the week's theme and the work of artists that related to it.  I was introduced to quite a few artists that I had never heard of.  With the help of Seb's questioning, we deconstructed the paintings together and that set us up for the practical work.
He was always very well prepared and ran the class in an empathetic and sensitive way. There was time for dialogue, and he is a good listener and very engaged. He is open minded and enjoys pushing boundaries, so it was good to be challenged at times.”

“Your classes have opened to me the limitless opportunities that exist for expression and given me the confidence to explore them. All I want to do now is paint and when I'm sailing, or hiking or just driving a car I'm constantly seeing things highlighted by light, form, colour or contrast and think, ' would I paint that...”
“Sebastian first tutored me on a weekend life painting course. I learnt so much about tone, contrast and forms that I've been attending his classes on and off over the past 5 years. I particularly enjoy his class posts prior to and after each lesson. These give the attendees time to review techniques, artists and art history. I feel really prepared before each lesson. Each one is well paced and Sebastian invites group discussion and appraisal. He has a relaxed, encouraging, non-judgemental style, which has allowed me to flourish. Looking at my paintings I can see how much I've progressed over time.”

“I attended Sebastian’s painting evening class at the Cardiff Open Art School and found him to be so knowledgeable yet humble. He was very welcoming, encouraging and a real inspiration to a beginner like me.”


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