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Wednesday 3rd of November (including H/W)

Modelling form in watercolour must be the most fascinating enterprise ever. It is a conversation on paper between one colour and another that can turn into a whole conversation.

Homework: For the first images I'd like you to try modelling these objects to see if you can bring out the forms against the background. You will have moments when you need to "invent" a contrast to help you bring out the shape better and so you begin to control your composition. (Paul Vining top, Tony Marsh bottom). Try using different colours to see what changes.

Subject matter for Wednesday 3rd of November:

Laura Itkonen produces beautiful small porcelain boxes that are your starting point. You can either choose one of them to paint (you can find more images online) or imagine you are designing your own prototype to show IKEA. I'll post a few attempts soon.

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