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The principles of oil painting

The room is booked and the preparations have started for the new course at Stapleford Granary which will run over November. You can find all the information you need under the COURSES tab.

Although this one is a watercolour it shows how you can model form by observing the relative value of colour. We'll be choosing simple objects like this spoon as still life models and reduce our painting studies to the simplest forms that are described by light and shadow.

We'll also look at how colour begins to make sense when it too fits into a relative scale based on the contrast with its surroundings.

We'll look at plenty of examples where this has been done in paintings over the last 300 years, such as this one by Manet where well defined blocks of colour are contrasted carefully to make the forms seem to occupy real space.

As this course aims to help arm students with a new set of tools to control the mechanisms of painting with oil, it is suitable for beginners and more experienced painters who are open to new ideas.

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