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After we get back from our break I hope you will bring an image to work from where you can try out some of the mechanisms for conveying distance we looked at last week.

I tend to take a lot of pictures on my phone that I think may make a good painting. Many times the resulting painting becomes a bland imitation of the photo, but the more successful attempts happen when I get rid of confusing detail and maintain a clearly defined composition.

In your research you can also find images of painters you admire so that you can learn from them. In this case I love the way that Sargent simplifies the foreground, middle ground and background as well as giving a painterly rendition of trees.

If you can simplify your idea in a thumbnail sketch then it's less likely you'll forget why you took the picture in the first place!

Here's another of my favourites (another watercolour) where the negative shapes are just as important as the positive ones.

I look forward to seeing the results of your research on Thursday the 8th of June.

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