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Painting the clothed figure 2

This Thursday will be the last session of term, in which we have concentrated mostly on landscape to convey form, volume and distance. Next term we will switch our attention to painting still life as a vehicle to secure and extend our painting technique.

Sign up to the COAS mailing list by e mailing so that they can send you booking details and information on the autumn courses starting in September and I hope to see you then. The courses should be on the website by the end of July.

Here are some of the images we looked at last week to inspire us in our figure painting:

Caroline Walker

David Park

Walter Sickert

Sikelela Owen

Ewan Uglow

On Thursday we will continue with a couple of warm up figure sketches using the negative space to guide us in our composition before launching into a more exuberant longer piece using brighter colours.

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