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Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Since we are moving away I am giving up my teaching courses at COAS and so won't be giving the Autumn courses.

I'm very grateful to you for coming to the courses and often returning for more. Every lesson was like a kind of experiment where I knew the outcome I wanted to achieve but tried out new ways of getting there. I realize that sometimes people didn't quite know what I was on about! In any case I found that your efforts and struggles with painting often replicated my own and so I was very much aware that theory is so much easier than practice.

I hope to carry on running courses and workshops in Cambridge because I realise how much I have enjoyed and learned from the experience in Cardiff. Above all I think that I have become very aware of the psychology of painting and how we see the world around us.

Please keep in touch either through the website or social media as I am always happy to discuss painting matters. You are very welcome to keep subscribing or dipping in to this blog as a painting resource. I hope you will continue to engage in the never ending process of learning how to paint and see it as a constant evolution rather than a target to be achieved (painters are seldom happy with their work).

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1 Comment

Sep 26, 2023

Hi I am very interested in the course at Stapleford. Unfortunately I am busy on Wednesdays. Do you hold classes on any other days?

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