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Figure painting in watercolour

Next Saturday we'll continue exploring how to use the negative space in watercolour by painting some human figures/portraits. We'll do this by overlaying washes to create form in the same way as we did our value scale and mountain range. You can see this exemplified in Benjamin Bjorklund's watercolour portraits, where layers of colour are applied to give the illusion of volume.

Bring in a portrait you would like to paint, after the exercises and studies we will be doing together. The emphasis will be on creating the illusion of solidity more than getting a likeness of the person. As well as wet in wet painting and washes left to dry you could try including some of the impressionist style hatching strokes to add further colour.

Here are the artists we looked at last Saturday, when looking at ways to convey distance: John Singer Sargent (below), Emile Nolde, JMW Turner, Alexander Cozens (bottom), John sell Cotman and then Monet, Seurat and Derrain when we looked at Impressionism and Pointilism.

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