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t was lovely to meet you / see you again at our first class yesterday. I was impressed to how readily you took to the concept of concentrating on the relative contrast of shapes and values to paint the head studies.

Next Friday's class with the life model will be no different except for a few things. The lighting won't give such clear shadows and so the value separations to "sculpt" the figure won't be at all clear cut and the figure/background relationship will be less defined too. This will give you the opportunity to use the background to contrast with the figure or provide "lost edges" that merge the figure into his/her surroundings.

Let's not get tempted to jump into detail and try to simplify the form into 2 or maybe 3 values as in this photoshop example:

If you start with a plain background (light, mid tone or dark) then you can change parts of it that will help define the form.

Many of you were very impressed by this James Bland portrait so it is worth considering that you can vary the hues and chroma of the colours you use as long as you keep them within the appropriate value range.

We will probably have time to paint 2 poses so that we can practice the method without spending time on detail. See you on Friday. Any questions or examples of your work can be uploaded by clicking on "comment" or sending in a new post.

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