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Life model session

We'll be finishing off this block of classes with a life model painting session using the practice we did to emphasise the structure of the human body. It was great to see how the group was able to sculpt out form from subtle differences in hue and value.

In particular we will be seeing how we can use the figure to create a clear composition for our painting. Although there is a lot going on in this Velazquez painting, if you squint you can see how the darks and the lights are clearly separated. The modelling of the forms has to be done within a more defined range of values.

it's often hard to distinguish the small changes of colour that make figure painting convincing and at the same time keep our brushwork lively enough so that the painting does not seem too "flat"

Be aware that there is an opening of MA students' work on Friday, so you may find the door closed when you arrive, just give it a push!

The figure painting classes will recommence at the end of September and you can get all the updates for COAS courses by joining the e mailing list

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