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Wednesday 8th of December class

Moving on from the pointillistes (funny how Google chose a Seurat for its doodle yesterday!) we encounter the "Nabis" group of painters such as Bonnard and Vuillard (below).

They moved towards the idea of "Symbolic" colour and form where they carry their own message over and above representing a given scene. Pattern and design become very important as painting moves towards the realm of abstraction.

The idea for next week then, is to use the playful handling of watercolour in depicting an interior scene. As we paint we can try and use colour and form in a way that is much more sensual than if we were trying to capture the effect of light on a surface.

I'm going to try to place this man on the sofa into the room and see what happens...

Interior design publications and soft furnishings may make good source material for this type of painting.

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