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Thursday 25th of November lesson

I really enjoyed the challenge of painting the models more freely yesterday, trying to use colour to create a mood

The combination of looseness and control is something I'd like to continue exploring with you and so I've chosen Emil Nolde's expressionist flower watercolour paintings as a starting point for our research.

Although his landscapes were probably his boldest paintings I hope that experimenting with flower shapes will give us the opportunity to push further into understanding how colour and form can work together.

We are going to move beyond the analogue palette and see how colour value really affects how colour combinations work.

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Fabulous morning painting as always, exploring the relationships between colour. It took me a while to adjust to the analog approach especially since I wanted to use predominantly red to visualise the ‘red turban‘ worn by the model I chose a I wanted it to relating to Van Eyck’s ‘man with a red turban’. The richness of the red in this image says a lot about Van Eyck who I feel wanted to portray himself as a prosperous artist with links to eastern philosophy. Getting to grips with which analog colour I was going to use led me from red to blue which I found helped me to create some mauve flesh tones with violet in the shadows. Then …

Nov 18, 2021
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Very juicy colour, gives the painting plenty of drama! I love that way the colour has broken out in several places.

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