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Still life with fruit

Still life painting was often used to show off the artist's mastery of revealing forms from shadows (chiaroscuro) and Caravaggio was the master of that.

Cezanne had his own take on painting apples where he still used the shadows to reveal the forms but also used individual brushstrokes to model the shapes so that the colours were mixed less and gave a stronger impression of volume.

Later on "Pointilliste" painters such a Signac developed this further to give an effect of visual colour mixing where the forms make more sense when seen from a distance.

On Thursday we will explore this kind of "impressionist" style, to see how we can increase the vibrancy of our painting without losing the volume that modelling form with light and shadow gives us.

Please don't forget to bring some fruit with you. Apples, pears and lemons are often painter's favourites but other things such as peppers, bananas and courgettes would work just as well.

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