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For the new term on the painting course at COAS I'm asking everybody to create and bring with them a sketchbook (I suggest A4) to support their learning throughout the course. These are some of Turner's, not mine!

At the moment mine is a confusion of scraps of paper and notes written in biro on different pieces of lined A4, so I need to improve substantially.

Yours could be more like a scrap book or folder where you can keep the assorted studies that we will produce over the 10 sessions.

We will be investigating the visual mechanisms that convey distance, volume, mood and a visual narrative. Any small exercises that we do in class can be added to this "lab book" and you can include notes to help you digest the theory that underpinns them.

I'll be setting small research tasks through this blog which might range from looking at a certain painter to finding an example of a visual effect. All this can be kept in this diary/log/sketchbook so that you can chart how new ideas are changing the way you paint.

Maybe the most important reason for using a sketch book is to support the process of converting ideas for paintings into simple visual forms that can be expressed in paint.

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