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Whether you are using oils or acrylics you can start with a few basic colours. A palette that would give you a nice broad range of colours would be something like this:

Titanium white, lamp black, ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson and lemon yellow.

Then you could add colours such as cadmium red, pthalo blue, yellow ochre and raw umber so that you have a really versitile palette. Zinc white is less strong than titanium so it allows for a little more subtle modification of colour.

We will look at colour mixing throughout the course so that you will develop a good understanding of their properties as we go along.

Windsor and Newton, Winton and Daler Rowney are all good, as are paints from the online retailer "Jackson's". 60 ml is a good size to start but larger tubes work out cheaper in the long run.

Let me know on here is you are unsure.

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