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Nabis interior for Thursday

The Nabis painters such as Vuillard and Bonnard painted interiors full of vibrant colour and pattern. Much more emphasis was placed on the design and effect of the interplay of colour than on a faithful rendition of a house interior.

They were heavily influenced by Paul Gaugin's vibrant colour compositions

and went on to inspire Matisse to move even further away from realist painting.

As you choose your resource images to work from you can try to think a bit like a bold interior designer choosing an audacious colour scheme. In fact fashion interior magazines may be a good source for these.

In preparation you may also want to make up a colour swatch to form your palette. Practice looking at paintings by these artists to see if you can see what colours predominate and how they are arranged on the canvas.

As time went on the modelling of forms was abandoned in favour of a flatter approach to colour while pattern and rhythm became more important. You can choose how far you want to go in your own painting!

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