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Life model pose

For the Thursday group this will be the third of our life model poses and also the last session of the course! We will start off with our normal outline and negative shape warm up before painting a longer pose.

In this painting by Olivier Roualt we can see that it is the careful observation of values that makes up a simple but effective strategy for conveying the human form. Also, let's not forget the importance of the background that prevents our figures from floating in space.

If I gave you a feedback sheet for the course please bring it in on Thursday and I have some spare if you didn't get one. The next teaching block of 10 classes on Thursday evenings will concentrate on painting the landscape (both urban and countryside) and should be on the COAS website soon. The Friday evening course concentrates on portraiture and painting the human figure. They are both scheduled to start in early May.

For those asking about brushes last week I said that I used mainly round number 2 size and long flat number 2 size, working up to number 6 or 8 for larger work. Hog's hair works best for oil and synthetic for acrylic painting.

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