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Figures and interiors

Last week we saw how we could create a beautiful interior composition with a variety of brushstrokes and a rich pattern and visual texture but with surprisingly few colours. We created our forms by applying contrasting values or hues to create negative or positive shapes.

As a continuation I asked you to bring in an image with a person or group of people in an interior setting that could be a good stimulus for a painting. In particular we want to find ways of integrating the figure into the composition and making it stand out if necessary.

In the examples below however the painters (Sickert and Vuillard) were more interested in merging their figures with the interiors so they are much less contrasted.

The idea is to loose our anxiety when painting the human figure/figures and take it much more as another element in the painting, keeping our focus on the mood that we conjure up by our choice of colours and composition.

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I will try this at home this week Seb as I can’t make thur

Feb 22, 2023
Replying to

OK Cathy, thanks for letting me know.

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