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Trees and buildings

It was lovely to meet you all yesterday and thanks to those who have already subscribed to the blog! As I mentioned in the class, I hope you get the opportunity to observe the relationship of trees and vegetation with houses, when you are out and about. I asked you to take some pictures on your phone too so we can make gathering source material part of the creative process. At this stage you don't have to bring in any photos of your own to paint from, but that will come.

In particular we are going to explore how we can make interesting compositions out of contrasting shapes and values rather than needing to find beautiful buildings and trees! Here are some paintings to give you some ideas about the challenge.

Can you see how clearly Sargent has split the composition into contrasting forms? As you walk around observing your surroundings try and simplify the contrasting shapes and forms you see. Tthe beauty of taking pictures on your phone is that you can turn them upside down to better appreciate the shapes!

Here is another beautiful example by Peter Doig of how the natural and man made can be contrasted.

Please get into the habit of posting any work you have on this blog. This will allow you to get feedback from the group and develop a more critical response towards your own work, which is vital for progress. Also please ask any questions you have about materials or methods on the blog as this will help others to clarify uncertainties.

Finally please bring in clips and masking tape to affix paper and resource material to the boards. See you next Thursday.

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May 11, 2023

Those are lovely Katy, I especially like the one on the right middle where the tree contrasts against the background very effectively!


Imagine my excitement when the first session was trees - it tends to be my go-to when I get a chance to paint. Thought Id post these now and see how my painting evolves during the course so I can compare

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