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Still life composition

The composition of a painting is not only affected by where objects are placed but also by how light falls on them and by the colour of the actual forms that we paint.

This still life by Sanchez Cotan has a very different feel to the Jacob Van Es painting below even though both were painted in a similar style.

The composition, like colour, affects our perception of a painting before we even recognize what the forms represent. It is a principal preoccupation in graphic design which can embody complex sensations such as movement and balance. (Cezanne and Matisse)

We will zoom out a little from our individual fruit from last week so that we pay attention to how all the elements of our paintings fit together. This means that we can free ourselves from accurate representation in favour of what gives a pleasant overall look to our painting. We will probably have to simplify the forms we paint and give the negative spaces we paint equal thought as the positive ones.

Please don't forget to bring fruit in again on Thursday and also some kind of plate/bowl/stand etc that will help us construct an interesting point of departure for our sill life.

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