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Impressionist landscapes

Monet's paintings of Rouen cathedral demonstrate clearly how the colour of objects we perceive is defined by the light shining on them. Colours can then take on a more playful role as they form part in a game where one hue changes the relationship with those around it.

Its not surprising then that the impressionist adopted a very flexible approach to painting landscapes, in tentative dabs of colour, that could be modified as the painting progressed.

Painters like Pissarro developed a technique of painting with small strokes of paint that would allow them to offset colours and mix visually on the canvas, so that stronger hues could be used side by side.

These ideas were taken back into the studio later by painters such as Bonnard who used them to recreate landscapes from memory and maximise the intensity of the colours.

These are ideas we will be experimenting with on Thursday with the aim of broadening the horizons of our technique and vision of landscape.

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