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The watercolour Zoom classes have now finished for this year.  If you want to be informed of my classes please fill out a contact form and I will send out the details of upcoming courses or workshops. Thank you to all who took part in this series of classes, I enjoyed it a lot and got a lot out of it, I hope you did too! 
Watercolour, like any other painting medium, has its own particular character, which I want to explore during these sessions.  They are designed for both beginners and painters with more experience.  Although the theory will be common to all painting media many of the techniques will be new to some and we will keep coming back to the same topics with each painting we approach together.  In this way we could say that it is a cyclical course.
If you want to find out more about me and my teaching click here
Our weekly Watercolour group zoom meetings will be every Wednesday morning from 10 am to 12 mid day and evening from 7 to 9 pm.  We will be working from images that I post on my subject matter blog a few days before to give you plenty of time to study, download or print the jpeg before our session.  I have chosen images that will give us a starting point for our watercolour exploration of colour, light and composition bearing in mind that a great painting is not dependent on beautiful subject matter.  Subscribe to the blog to get the image every week participate in the conversation about watercolour painting in the Painter's Blog section.
The structure of each session will contain:
  • a warm up to practice technique
  • a discussion around painting theories of colour, contrast, volume etc
  • Introductions to the work of selected past and present watercolourists.
  • suggestions for possible approaches to the painting
  • the step by step demonstration and paint along
  • Opportunities for questions about the process and feedback on your work
I welcome your questions at any time during the session to help dispel any confusion and it is up to you how closely you follow what I'm doing,  your own style and temperament will dictate your particular way of working. You will be given the opportunity  to show your work during the session for group feedback, as it really helps us to see other perspectives, but it is fine if you don't feel like doing this.
I have put the information about watercolour materials and equipment on a separate page which you can navigate to here or download it here 
Morning classes will be from 10 to 12 every Wednesday
Evening classes will be from 7 to 9 every Wednesday
  • £5 single taster class (card and PayPal only)
  • £25 for a block of 5 classes (BACS, cheque, card and PayPal)
  • £15 for a monthly subscription (card and PayPal only)
At the moment BACS and cheque payments are only available for the Block of 5 classes.
If you are paying for a £15 monthly plan, please choose a start date for your subscription  at checkout.
How to Book
1.Sign up or log in to access and manage all your bookings
2.Go to the "Class Calendar" to choose your Morning or Evening classes.
3.Select "Buy pricing plan" to pay online for a single session, block of 5 or monthly subscription   
               or Select  "Book a session-£25 for a block of 5" to pay by BACS or cheque
4.Reshedule and cancel your classes through "My Bookings"
5.Add more bookings through "My calendar"
The "Add your info" form, that appears after booking, allows you to be notified by e mail and text about your booking.If you have any problems with booking/payment please get in touch with me. 
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