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Introduction to the courses




What fascinates me most about learning to draw and paint is that you have to change the way you look at things, from the way you perceive forms to the manner in which you approach problems.  For hundreds of years artists have been busy trying to resolve problems of how to describe what they see and feel and who have left us with the results of their investigations.  The courses at Aplin Studios are about learning skills and developing techniques.  It doesn’t matter how good or bad you think you are or what you end up producing, the important thing is to learn to see the world differently. 


Teaching art helps me continue to develop more effective ways to use materials and develop useful strategies for painting and drawing.  Ultimately though, the enjoyment of mastering a technique is the base on which any success rests and so it is important that the activity of learning to draw and paint always remain positive and rewarding.


Although there is an inevitable amount of anxiety with people attending a new course please bear in mind that the aim is to help students develop their own working method and there is no expectation for participants to achieve any given level of expertise, it’s all about the process (corny I know!). 

Each session will have a key technique or skill that we will be investigating and practicing.  We will use photographs, still life objects or models, examples of artworks on the digital projector, demonstrations and group feedback to increase our understanding. 


All courses (except the drawing course) run for 5 weeks and paper is included in the price. Please go on to the Aplin Studios facebook page to receive up to date information on courses and events.  All courses need to be booked in advance (except the life drawing sessions) with a £20 deposit.  Please e mail or ring me to arrange this.

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