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Thursday's session

I was asked to clarify what you had to bring in for Thursday. The most important thing is to bring one or more image you would like to work from. Painters like Bonnard and Vuillard were described as "intimistes" because they expressed the sentiments associated with home through the boldness of their use of colour.

However if we just go crazy with colour in our painting the effect is that bright colours will cancel each other out and our interior painting will have no overarching mood or direction. Often the job of the interior designer is to give a harmony to their designs through a specific choice of colours, which is called a palette.

The difference between these swatches and a painting though is that our colours have to sit next to each other on a flat surface, whereas room furnishings occupy different physical spaces.

You could bring in black and white images and create your own colour scheme if you preferred. The idea is that we are thinking about the interaction of colour on the painted surface rather than trying to copy a photo exactly.

I hope I didn't confuse things even more!

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