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Parks and gardens

The best place to be at this time of year! The combination of the regular man made structures and organic natural forms is fascinating to paint. In particular we will be looking at how these contrasting shapes can make a composition come alive. How can we contrast one shape against another so that we retain a sense of distance and how do we limit our choice of colours so that our painting appears harmonious? These are two questions you can ask yourself if you are out an about next week.

Even if you are unable to do any sketching, you can take photos of parks and gardens to think about how they could be painted. Remember that the beauty of a painting is independent of the subject matter so even the simplest shadowy corner can make the most interesting work.

Here are some examples to get you thinking by Van Gogh, Sargent and Caroline Walker.

Remember that there is no class next week due to the bank holiday but I look forward to seeing you on Thursday the 9th of June.

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