Painting Practice Zoom Meetings
The first Zoom Painting Practice after Christmas is on Tuesday 12th of January

Every Tuesday evening 7 to 8:30pm and Wednesday morning 10 to 11:30 am you can join a Zoom meeting by clicking on the links below

Each link is unique to this meeting.

Tuesday 19th of January evening access:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 881 6254 1411

Passcode: 731099


Wednesday 20th of January  morning access:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 890 2475 7314

Passcode: 684064

Have a look at the appropriate images on the  subject matter  page to see how you might approach this weeks' practice paintings

This week the request was for vegetables, broccoli in particular, but i had to pair it up with cauliflower of course.  I couldn't resist adding a layer of challenge as you will see from the images.  There are various elements in the photos such as hands, knives, veg and chopping board.  My challange is to give the painting a sculptural look which will require a really careful observation of colour value.

Every week there will be two new images to work from which I will post on the subject matter page. You can download the image before the meeting  to print out or view on another screen.  The subject matter will be similar on the Tuesday and Wednesday meetings.   

The Zoom Painting Practice meetings are an an online meeting space for painters to paint shared subject matter together.  All levels of painting ability are welcome and you are free to choose what materials you use for your work. So far we have painted busts, statues, landscapes, Christmas decorations. Over the coming weeks we will be painting from film stills, interiors, plants, still lifes, anything that provides an interesting starting point. 

Although it is a kind of paint along, everybody is developing their own unique practice and will focus on different aspirations for their painting such as abstraction, brushwork, use of colour etc.  I learn a lot from other people’s painting process and I hope you will too. Painting practice is more of a routine than a course for painters to acquire a bold approach to painting a variety of subject matter. We begin with a few slides of inspirational paintings and share a few ideas about our intended approach.  Over the painting session I’ll be explaining my painting decisions and problems with participants welcome to chip in at any time.  There is an opportunity halfway through to show your progress, if you want to, and discuss painting issues. At the end of the session we check in breifly and I  take suggestions for future meetings.



Have a look at the short video below to see the set up.


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