List of material for courses



Online suppliers tend to have the best prices and postage is generally free over around £40.  I use, but there are many others.

The Range, on the Newport road have inexpensive pads and a good range of supplies for sketching.

Other local shops supplying art materials are Hobbycraft and Pen and Paper. I buy putty rubbers and tear off palettes at The Works but the quality of their paints and paper is poor.


Sketching and drawing

A4 or A3 cartridge paper sketch book (140 gsm. minimum). 

Pack of stick charcoal

Soft lead pencil and sharpener or craft knife

Soft rubber or “putty rubber”

Stick of chalk

Mid tone grey chalk or pastel

Extra hold hair spray is cheaper than art fixative


Watercolour painting

Mid range tubes, such as Jackson’s or Cotman 20 ml tubes of watercolour paint in:

  • Alizarine Crimson Red

  • Ultramarine Blue

  • Lemon Yellow

  • Payne’s Grey

  • Burnt Umber Brown

  • White gouache paint can also be useful

Alternatively you could buy a watercolour set of half-pans, but you end up with lots of colours you don’t need. ​

Plastic watercolour palette with mixing wells

Size 12 synthetic straight watercolour brush. (Daler Rowney make decent but inexpensive brushes)

¾ inch flat wash brush and other sizes optional

Cotton rags or absorbent kitchen roll

Watercolour pads should be 300 gsm (grams per square metre) rough texture